Consulting and Coaching

With over 25 years of experience modernizing legacy systems, the experts at Object Engineering have the knowledge and skills needed to assist you or your software vendor with advice on modernizing your system. The advice we can provide is particularly valuable in the initial phases of a modernization project. It can protect you from unnecessary costs or bad decisions.

Preliminary study

A thorough preliminary study lays a firm foundation for the modernization project decisions. The study identifies pragmatic and proven approaches and ensures that impractical or excessively theoretical ideas do not lead down time-wasting blind alleys.

Feasibility study

Once the preliminary study has identified viable approaches, our experts perform a more detailed analysis and create one or two conceptual proposals with a rough architecture. These conceptual proposals are then used to generate realistic cost and time estimates.

Modernization plan

Because legacy systems never really stand alone in the system landscape, we develop a detailed plan on how to modernize the system without negatively affecting the interworking with any existing systems or procedures.

Reference Projects in Coaching

We consider a satisfied customer to be our best reference. Our successful migration projects are very diverse and provide ample testimony to our skills and professionalism. The projects below are a small excerpt from our portfolio.

  • Transportation and Logistics
    We modernized a 20-year-old logistics system originally written in COBOL. We designed a service-based architecture and migrated the system onto a new technology platform. We trained and coached the client's team while they made this important shift to a modern infrastructure.
  • Telecommunications
    We designed and implemented a replacement for a host-based sources management system.
  • Public sector
    We performed a requirements analysis and designed a system architecture to modernize an existing aviation weather system.
  • Finance
    We consulted, coached, and performed reviews during the implementation of various Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) projects. We also evaluated a suitable process engine (Workflow).
  • Finance
    We provided consulting services for the field interfaces and integration of an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) application server to the host system.
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