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About Us

Software engineering is our passion

Object Engineering is a software engineering company headquartered in Uitikon, near Zurich, Switzerland. Object Engineering was founded in 1995 by Andres Koch to provide technical support to customers with projects using distributed, object-oriented technology.

For more than 20 years, Object Engineering has specialized in the modernization and replacement of old software and systems. We conduct a careful and detailed analysis of existing systems and then develop and deploy modern solutions that replace or interwork with legacy systems. We also integrate special purpose or new equipment into existing systems. We use cost-effective techniques and tools to provide practical solutions to our customers. We focus our efforts on clients in the telecommunications industry and logistics.


We have the experience and expertise to help you modernize your systems
  • Experience
    Object Engineering has been engaged on migration projects, system design, and programming for more than 20 years.
  • Education
    Our engineers have solid computer science qualifications and educations (HTL, FH, University).

  • Development
    We design architectures and develop applications for object-oriented and distributed systems based on web services, REST services, and messaging.

  • Web-based systems
    We design and develop web-based systems for the internet and intranet using our Java framework.

  • Project experience
    We have proven project experience with object oriented development in C++, Java, and model-based design (UML). We deliver projects quickly and with minimal impact on your ongoing operations.

  • On the cutting edge
    Company founder Andres Koch lectures at the University of Technology, Rapperswil (HSR). He and his team are constantly at the forefront of the latest technological developments.

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Company philosophy

To the left is a bridge over the water, to the right is a bridge in the evening twilight.

Bridges can connect neighborhoods, cities, countries, and even continents. Bridges are built to precisely meet their local requirements. Well constructed bridges are permanent, resilient structures that can endure heavy traffic and exposure. But beyond their utilitarian purpose, bridges can also be beautiful structures, enhancing the local landscape. These well constructed bridges are designed, planned, built, and maitained using precision engineering skills and techniques.

At Object Engineering we are convinced that software engineering can provide a permanent, resilient, well-designed "bridge" to legacy systems and application software. As with any other engineering discipline, software development should be precise, systematic, secure, and robust. But as with bridges, we believe that in addition to its utilitarian functions, software should provide an elegant and pleasing experience for the user.

We build bridges between old and new systems!


A portrait of Mr. Koch

Andres Koch has worked in computer science for over 40 years. He has extensive software engineering experience in both industrial and commercial environments. As a software architect, he specializes in distributed systems, the replacement and modernization of legacy systems, and custom software and programming for specific applications (DSLs). He works as an architecture and technology coach and he participates as a team member on major development projects. His experience proves invaluable at project reviews. For more than 27 years he has been a lecturer for post graduate courses (MAS/NDS) at the software engineering department of the University of Technology, Rapperswil (HSR).

What our customers say

Comprehensive analysis of an application modernization project

"We could never have completed the development of this very complex model without the help of Mr. K. .“ – Developers, Production operation

From analysis to feasibility study to target architecture

"The comprehensiveness of the requirement specification [produced by Object Engineering] served as a springboard to creating performance specifications in later projects. The company has many years of experience in application engineering, analysis, design, and development. [They also have extensive experience in the] renovation, extension, and maintenance of software applications. Object Engineering has proven references, which made our choice of them as a partner very simple.“ – Head Application Development – Swiss Meteo

Gradual integration of legacy systems

"Object Engineering has many years of experience in system integration. They have shown, in several successful projects, that legacy systems can be gradually integrated into newly defined front-end systems, without affecting day-to-day business. Object Engineering is a highly experienced Java software and projecthouse.“ – Project manager of a mobile operator






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